Red Light Therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder

October has come, and the days are getting shorter and colder. That gloomy feeling has set in that keeps you in bed in the morning, makes you want to eat the entire contents of your fridge each day, and not take care of any of your work responsibilities. We have all been there (some of us more often than others), and each year we are faced with how to fix these problems and cease our self-destructive behavior. Appropriately given the acronym SAD, seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression that usually occurs during the fall and winter seasons. People who are affected by SAD may have issues sleeping, have low energy, lose interest in once loved hobbies, experience difficulty concentrating, find themselves oversleeping or gaining weight, and could ultimately have thoughts of suicide. These types of symptoms are no joke, and should not be ignored! Four to six percent of people are affected by seasonal depression, and ten to twenty percent exhibit mild cases of SAD.

At Southern Live Oak Wellness, we are offering Red Light Therapy to help with SAD.


 Many Americans have a deficiency in natural light. A lack of natural light can be the cause of SAD for some people, or at least exacerbate depression further. Red light therapy is a type of natural light therapy that does not come at the cost of UV damage to the skin or put off uncomfortable heat like other light lamps. By targeting the mitochondria of the cell, red light therapy recharges the cells of the body, which results in more energy and an overall better mood. In the Elated 2-pilot Trial, subjects responded positively to the treatment for many weeks in a row. Further studies show that the root of depression can lie in poor sleeping habits. Red light therapy has been shown to improve the quality of sleep, thus amplifying the value to the user.


 An added bonus to red light therapy is that it is completely safe and has loads of benefits! Aside from its ability to relieve the symptoms of SAD, red light can help relieve pain, improve skin complexion, alleviate joint health, prevent cold sores, and even lessen the symptoms of cancer treatment. The additional positives of red light therapy add to the users quality of life in addition to dampening the sluggish feelings associated with seasonal depression.



We all need help sometimes, and red light therapy could be the answer for many people suffering with seasonal affective disorder. It is safe, its benefits are unmatched, and giving it a try is more than worth the cost of your mental health. We are happy to be able to provide support for those struggling with SAD and offer alternatives that is not just in the form of medication.  


Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about Red Light Therapy and SAD.  

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