Co-Occuring: Definition, Symptoms, & Treatment

Co-occurring disorders are a term used to describe people who have both a substance abuse problem and a mental health issue. A dual diagnosis or dual disorder is another term for this scenario.

Southern Live Oak Wellness provides one-of-a-kind programs and therapies to effectively treat all co-occurring disorders, allowing our patients to live happy and healthy lives in recovery. Our licensed clinicians provide patients with the resources and treatment they need to effectively address mental health and addiction problems.

A substance abuse disorder occurs when the use of one or more substances causes clinically substantial bodily impairment or suffering. Substance abuse can affect a person’s ability to function in job, school, and in personal life. When substance abuse causes or worsens a medical problem, it is often diagnosed. This condition has the potential to entirely control a person’s life and lead them down a disastrous road.

Because the symptoms of a mental health illness and addiction might be identical, diagnosing a co-occurring condition can be challenging. Individuals who are battling addiction may be unaware that they have a co-occurring condition. Although everyone is different, there are some common indications of co-occurring disorders that you should be aware of. Recovery from addiction and mental illness may require professional treatment from our mental health residential program.

The following are symptoms of co-occurring disorders:

  • Even after undergoing substance abuse treatment, mental health issues persist.
  • If your addiction or mental health issue prevents you from carrying out your regular tasks at work or school.
  • If you are neglecting your relationships and are lacking in communication because of your mental health or addiction

Everyone’s story is unique, but addiction has the potential to drastically affect a person’s life. Substance abuse can either lead to or contribute to mental health problems. During stressful times, some people actively seek out drugs or alcohol and use them to conceal the symptoms of a mental health issue. Patients suffering from addiction and mental illness may benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy, which teaches them how their ideas and behaviors are linked. Consequently, this can have a negative impact on a person’s physical and mental health, necessitating effective co-occurring disorders treatment.

We provide our patients with the tools they need to properly manage their mental health issue symptoms without resorting to substance misuse at Southern Live Oak Wellness. If an addiction is present, the symptoms of a mental health issue might intensify, and personalized therapy is the greatest option for treating both conditions. To effectively treat all co-occurring disorders, we use a number of therapy approaches at our mental health center in Georgia. Our highly trained and experienced staff is committed to assisting our patients at every stage of their recovery.

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