Depression: Signs, Symptoms, & Treatment

We’re all unhappy from time to time, but there’s a major difference between feeling sad and being depressed. Whether you’re experiencing these emotions yourself or witnessing a loved one struggle with depression, it might feel as if there’s nothing you can do. When feelings of loneliness or unhappiness persist, it’s time to seek help.

Depression, sometimes known as major depressive disorder, is a mental health condition characterized by deep and long-lasting emotions of loneliness, sadness, and lack of interest. Depression is more than just sad feelings that everyone has from time to time; it’s typically linked to chemical imbalances in the brain. It can be triggered by adversity, stress, or loss, but it can also occur in persons who live ordinary lives with little or no trauma. Depression has a wide variety of symptoms, from minor to severe, but it is usually treatable.

Southern Live Oak Wellness specializes in mood disorder treatment, including depression-specific therapies. Although nearly 17 million people in the United States have had at least one major depressive disorder, we recognize that each person’s experience with this illness is unique. We provide depression treatment that is personalized to each patient’s unique needs, ensuring that each patient has the highest opportunity of continued success.

During their stay with us, patients in our mental health program will be subjected to a lot of therapies and workshops in order to better understand their depression and the origins of it. Patients will be able to speak with a licensed clinician in confidence during one-on-one therapy sessions. During group therapy sessions, patients will have the opportunity to share their depression experiences and challenges with their peers.

We believe that major depressive disorder treatments should look at depression extensively and focus on treating patients as a whole, since therapy alone is not effective for everyone. Patients will see depression as more than just a mental health issue with evidence-based medical therapies and holistic initiatives. Programs like cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback, TMS, spravato, and yoga will enhance long-term progress and improvement by allowing for a stronger sense of healing. For individuals who require it, medication may be prescribed.

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