Inpatient vs Residential Treatment

What is inpatient treatment?

Inpatient treatment is a secure locked down unit in which individuals struggling with mental health issues, who present an imminent risk of danger to themselves or others, can receive psychiatric services. On average, individuals are inpatient for 3-7 days for medication stabilization.

What is the difference for Residential treatment?

Residential treatment is a voluntary treatment program in which individuals with mental health issues live at the treatment facility under 24 hour supervision.  On average clients participate in residential treatment for a minimum of 30 days, learning how to integrate medication management with effective coping skills. Clients participate in more therapeutic work and incorporate traditional therapeutic and holistic modalities into their treatment.

Why both are needed and necessary?

Inpatient treatment is about safety, stabilization, and short-term results. Residential treatment is about healing, personal growth, and making lasting changes.

Due to stigmas in society, mental health is often viewed under a lens of shame, with many individuals being fearful to discuss their struggles and reach out for help. This can lead many people to go untreated for too long, and risk their own safety or the safety of others. Inpatient treatment is a good option for individuals who need to be in a locked and secure unit in order to keep themselves and others safe, while medications are implemented.

 In patient treatment is often utilized with individuals who are suffering from such severe mental health issues, they are unable to accept their need for treatment and help.

Residential treatment is a great option for anyone who is needing help and is willingly ready to make a change. The 24/7 supervision and support can help keep clients safe on their journey to healing.


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