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About Our Alumni

Southern Live Oak Wellness believes that staying connected for a lifetime is vital for those who complete our program. We are made up of people who are constantly encouraging growth through healing and we are here to guide you through life’s ongoing journey. When clients complete treatment, they begin a new way of life and being around those on the same journey is encouraging and uplifting.  In mental health care, lifelong relationships can be formed and reuniting with friends and mentors is one of the key objectives of the Alumni Program of SLOW. Our Alumni department is dedicated to helping all clients stay connected with us and our community. An alumni program serves as the perfect aftercare network for those who are looking for encouragement from others. The process of healing is a constant journey that never ends and SLOW is here to help you every step of the way.

Our Alumni Department consists of people who have already completed our program successfully. Times can get difficult, and when continuing on the path of life, it’s important to have a good support group in your corner. During your recovery, surrounding yourself with individuals that are positive influences can be incredibly powerful and supportive. When you finish care, you become a member of the SLOW community for life and we will always be committed to helping you thrive through recovery. 

You will be able to establish meaningful and supportive relationships by engaging in activities that help your recovery goals by remaining involved in the community. At Southern Live Oak Wellness, we feel that it’s very important to stay busy and actively practice techniques to stay on track.  It will encourage you to keep yourself accountable and you will have a greater incentive to stick to your objectives by staying involved and connected with others.

Once our clients discharge our alumni coordinator will continue to follow up on a monthly basis to perform wellness checks. That way when an alumni begins to slip we can address it immediately, hopefully avoiding additional treatment. Additionally, our alumni have access to a private Facebook group where their peers can be another form of support.


At SLOW we believe it is important to include fun into the therapeutic approach. The SLOW Alumni Program hosts weekly meetings to keep clients involved, motivated, and on track. We also host monthly events for a fun filled way to socialize in a safe environment. Below are some examples of the monthly outings our Alumni Program hosts:

  • Hiking
  • Cornhole
  • Barbecues
  • Bowling
  • Volleyball
  • Fun Outdoor Activities
  • Holiday Themed Fun
  • Much More…

Alumni Support Group

At Southern Live Oak Wellness, we realize that a client’s treatment simply does not end upon discharge.  Once a client is discharged, the client has the opportunity to be a part of the Alumni Family.  The purpose of the Alumni Family is to change the way that the community views mental health.  In order to create change in the mental health community, we need to place a greater emphasis on a client’s long term success.  The Alumni Family will assist in doing this by weekly support meetings, follow up calls, monthly events, appointment reminders, etc.