Family Programming

It is our belief that in order to treat our patients in a quality and comprehensive manner, the families and significant others must also have their needs met. Our goal is to educate, support, and assist all individuals involved in striving towards independence, self-fulfillment, and a sense of hope and happiness in their lives. We offer an integrated approach to mental wellness to include not only traditional therapies, but expressive and holistic therapies as well. 

Which is why SLOW features Family Programming on the third Wednesday of every month in order to work with the patients and their families to find a common solution. We began doing Family Night Programming because often times there is a clear lack of boundaries within the family unit, or a complete misunderstanding of what the individual needs. During Family Night Programming, the first hour is a visitation for the residential patients and then there is a two-hour session following of family therapy, which we believe to be incredibly effective not only for the patient’s success, but the individuals family success. 

Our family members have all been introduced to Southern Live Oak Wellness via the needs of the identified patient and have an understanding of what our program offers in respect to the patient, and what the projected treatment goals are in respect to the treatment program; however, we don’t want it to end there. We want the families to not only be familiar with the facility and the treatment program of their loved ones, but we want them actively to participate in the wellness journey and to also begin to find solace, boundaries, and a deeper understanding of themselves and their loved ones. 

With our Family Night we hope to offer you a sampling of some of the services we provide at Southern Live Oak Wellness and attempt to help our families to continue realizing wellness concepts and goals of the their own because the nature of the external world is one of constant flux, it is imperative that we find solace, consistency, and peace with our internal process and develop a base of support. Understanding the external on goings and coping with them while relying on a firm internal base of peace is essential to the wellness of the entire family system. 

We encourage you to spend some time focusing on your needs, allowing yourself to be guided and nurtured, and using this time to reflect on your internal process, hope, serenity, and growth. 

Family programming is held at our Dunwoody clinical space where patients receive the majority of their mental health treatment. 

If you have questions or concerns about family programming, please contact us directly