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The decision to enter mental health treatment can be difficult. Sometimes, people seek out treatment on their own, and at other times, they may be unable to decide for themselves. At Southern Live Oak Wellness, treatment begins with a full evaluation of the person’s history, current mental health, and safety concerns. After this evaluation, a mental health professional will recommend the appropriate level of care. We offer the most effective evidence-based mental health programs in Atlanta, GA.

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Often, when someone decides to enter mental health (anxiety, OCD, bipolar disorder) treatment, they are in crisis. As a result, they require a higher level of care, such as residential. Other times, people may have more stability and are therefore able to enter a lower level of care. At Southern Live Oaks Wellness, we offer all levels of care with our mental health programs in Atlanta, GA. Taking that first step to start treatment can be scary. We are here to help. Contact our compassionate care team today.

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