Our Residential treatment program allotts the time, space, and support that clients need in order to recover from an episode of mental illness. Within this program, clients will learn how to manage their diagnoses and the skills to cultivate long-term mental wellness.

Unlike a hospital, our residential treatment program is unlocked and voluntary. Clients share a room with one other patient, and opposed to an acute hospital setting, they are in a much smaller and more intimate program and living style setting.  All our residential facilities are licensed by the state of Georgia.

Residential treatment usually is the best level of care for individuals leaving a hospital or acute care facility. The average length of stay for residential is 4-6 weeks before stepping down to a partial hospitalization program (PHP) or intensive outpatient program (IOP).

Most residential clients living at our two apartments come to our treatment center at Dunwoody Center.

Group hours for residential are approximately eight hours during the day for psychiatric and therapeutic sessions. Our residential programming has 16 beds in total. Our unique program is designed for a small, intimate size that allows greater interaction with our clients on a one-to-one basis.

What makes Southern Live Oak Wellness unique is that in addition to our clinical program, our therapeutic living component is structured to help our patients adopt life skills to help each client grow into the person they want to become. We offer additional services including, but not limited to, cooking classes, gym services, and job skills. 

All the components of our program lead to our mental health program designed to help our clients rediscover who they are or achieve the lives they’ve always wanted.

By helping them define who they are and who they want to be in addition to learning practical skills for managing their mental illness, we give our clients the best chance at long term success.

Many individuals who develop substance use disorders are also diagnosed with mental disorders, and vice versa. Southern Live Oak Wellness understands the correlation and works to help manage your mental health, while also protecting you from self medication or relapse.

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