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At Southern Live Oak Wellness we provide a therapeutic living option for those who are in our outpatient level of care. Not all patients who are in our care need or are required to stay in our living accommodations however the opportunity will be afforded to them. After release from a psychiatric unit, residential facility or even prison because of mental illness getting re-acclimated isn’t always easy. Integrating back home with family, while trying to attend treatment, while engaging in the community and workforce can often be a substantial amount to overcome all at once. Far too frequently people with mental health issues are still far too fragile and struggle without structured, stable and strong support in the hours that take place after an outpatient setting.

What’s offered?

Our goal at Southern Live Oak Wellness is to help those rebuild and maintain day-to-day routines, help assist with accountability and continue to make growth with daily living while simultaneously helping our patients to acquire jobs, and interact in support and social networks. Research has shown that people living with mental illness who have some type of structured living have a better chance of obtaining employment, engaging in social supports and live a higher quality of life then those whose housing needs aren’t met. People with housing problems have a greater risk of continued mental health issues.


Please contact us with any questions about housing and cost. 

Therapeutic Living – Southern Live Oak Wellness

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