Upon Admission

From the second you enter our doors we want to set you up with the highest possible chance of recovery. Our intake process ensures your getting the correct care that you need without causing any stress or confusion.


Amie will most likely be the first person you meet in our program. She will go through any previous medical records while completing a current assessment to determine the best course of treatment moving forward.

Genomind Testing

SLOW has teamed up with Genomind to offer all of our patients genetic tests that help determine the best medication for an individual based on their DNA profile. Your body has unique ways of responding to treatment based on your DNA, and their non invasive swab test can find the best possible medications for you.

Treatment Plan

We’re all working towards a common goal, but our roads to success may different. Once we assess each individual we put together a unique individualized program based on diagnosis and past treatments. The best chance of success requires prioritizing your treatment to tend to your needs.

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